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Alex Maitland
Upgrade to 88.2.90 (#131)
* Upgrade to v88.2.40-pre

WPF - Add https scheme to default URL to workaround upstream issue

* Net Core - Add AnyCPU Platform to projects/solution

* Net Core - Add RuntimeIdentifier based on PlatformTarget

- Set RuntimeIdentifier based on PlatformTarget (PlatformTarget isn't set of AnyCPU)
- Set SelfContained to false so as not to provide a Framework Dependant build (don't include the whole .net framework)

* WPF/WinForms - Change CefSharpBuildAction to Content

For testing of ClickOnce publish

* Net 5.0 - Update to include PublishSingleFile settings

- .Net 5.0 Publish Settings for PublishSingleFile
  Defaults differ compared to .Net Core 3.1
- Set RollForward to Major so runs on newer runtime version
- Add net5.0-windows TargetFramework

* .Net 5.0 - Publish Single Exe Example

- Use the main application exe as the BrowserSubprocess when self publishing a .Net 5.0 exe
- Only the WPF and WinForms examples have been updated

* Upgrade to 88.2.90
2021-03-05 11:15:53 +10:00
Konstantin Preißer
9632e10c14 Add .NET Core 3.0 WinForms/WPF/OffScreen examples (#57)
* Add minimal WinForms and WPF examples using .NET Core 3.0 projects, reusing the existing code files.

Issue cefsharp/CefSharp#2796

* Follow-Up: Add a minimal OffScreen example using a .NET Core 3.0 project.

* Upgrade to 75.1.142.

* Update to mention .NET Core support.

* Fix typo.

* Add comment about UseShellExecute.
2019-09-10 18:20:34 +10:00